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Wilmington, North Carolina
Wilmington, North Carolina Screen Gems Studios

Screen Gems Studios

1223 23rd Street, North Wilmington, North Carolina 28405
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Screen Gems Studios in North Carolina

Why film in Los Angeles when you can create movies and TV shows in historic Wilmington, NC? Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, North provides production, studios, sound stages and technological infrastructure and support for major motion pictures, films, television shows and series and commercials. Located in Wilmington, this 50-acre film and television production complex features 10 sound stages, two special effects water tanks, and extensive office space.
Screen Gems North Carolina offers state-of-the art studios on the East Coast with complete access to EUE/Screen Gem's lighting and grip inventory and the advantages of filming in a beautiful, historic location. A unique production space, Stage 10 is the third largest sound stage in the country with one of the largest special effects water tanks in North America. With 150,000 square feet of column-free studio stage space, Screen Gems North Carolina is one of the top movie and TV studios in the world.



Tours available on weekends.


Email the studio for tour prices.




  • Studio Tours


Screen Gems North Carolina offers a fun tour of several TV production sets, including the sound stages and recording studio for the CW show "One Tree Hill. The tour also includes the screening room where you can view the dailies. Tours are offered each weekend for a small fee. Email the studio directly to arrange your tour.

History & Legend

Originally built by legendary film producer Dino DeLaurentiis in 1984, the studio became EUE/Screen Gems Studios in 1996. Over the past 16 years, it has become the largest TV and movie production studio in the country outside of California. In 2009 EUE/Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington created Stage 10, the biggest sound stage and special effects water tank east of Los Angeles. Of special note, Brandon Lee was killed at the North Carolina studios following a firearms malfunction during filming for the movie The Crow. As tragic as it was filming was continued and the movie was finished.


What movies and TV shows have been filmed here?

Screen Gems North Carolina has produced 350 films and TV shows, including all nine seasons of the CW’s popular drama One Tree Hill, Dawson’s Creek, Matlock, and the HBO comedies, Eastbound & Down and Little Britain USA. Film productions at the studios in North Carolina include: The Secret Life of Bees, Nights in Rodanthe and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

How large is this complex?

Located on 50-acres in Wilmington, this film and TV production complex features 150,000 square feet of column-free studio stage space with 10 sound stages, two special effects water tanks, and 30,000 square feet of office space. Built in 2009, Stage 10 is the biggest sound stage and special effects water tank east of Los Angeles.

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